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We know building your dream home or renovating your existing house can be a stressful time, here at Build Unlimited we try our best to make things stress free and run smoothly.  Which is why we have developed a 10-step process that we use on all our projects.

Our 10 Step Process:

1) Introduction

We believe the building process starts with building relationships and understanding our clients vision. Which is why when you get in touch with us, we will give you a call to discuss your project and see if we are the right fit to craft your new dream home or bespoke renovation. Next we will meet with you onsite to go over your project and ideas to get a better understanding of what is important to you, your budget and your vision for your project, so we can build your vision.  

2) Concept's / Preliminary Design

At this stage we will put you in contact with one of our Architects or designers to draw up some concept plans for your project that work within your budget and vision. If you are already working with an Architect or designer, we will happily work with them to bring your vision to life.

3) Estimated Build Cost​

We will provide you with an estimated cost for your project, if you already have plans drawn up, that’s great, we will work out detailed pricing based on the provided plans. If you don’t have plans, we will work out an estimated pricing based on concept drawings or m2 rates, outlining each component of the project to give you a rough idea of costs.

4) Design / Working Drawings 

At this stage we will produce working drawings of your new dream home. We will sit down with you and the design team to get you the best value for your money and incorporate passive house features such as thermally broken windows to make your dream home as energy efficient as possible, while maintaining within your budget.  It is important at this stage to go over the finer details from the types of cladding to be used to the interior design layout and room sizes, selecting your desired colours, fixtures and hardware to compliment your dream homes design.   

5) Fixed Price Quote

Once the working drawings are completed and you are happy with the final design, we will present you with a detailed fixed price quote for your project. Including the Halo 10-year structural warranty – Which greatly helps with securing finance, if required, for your project. We will also present you with a building contract to sign, outlining the scope of work and selected finishes.    

6) Start your Dream Build / Renovation

Once you have approved the fixed price quote and we have received a signed copy of the contract we will apply for council consent on your behalf, completing all the compliance documents and start the building process. Once the consent has being approved will get the frames ordered and earthworks started.

7) Project Management

We do more than just craft your dream home. We have dedicated project managers who will manage the entire building process, for the duration of your project. From earthworks and site cut to final hand over we are there every step of the way, organising sub-contractors, material ordering and delivery ensuring everything is done correctly to plan. This means you only need to need to deal with 1 person taking the stress away, so you can sit back and watch your dream home become reality.

8) Client Input / Communication

Our team will be in constant communication during the entire process to ensure everyone is on the same page and to answer any questions that arise. We will invite you to walk through your new dream home or renovation at different stages of construction, such as once framing is up to ensure you are happy with room sizes and layout and once the plumbing and electrical has being completed prior to lining the walls, which is the last opportunity to add or change outlets and fixtures. We are happy to make changes during the construction to ensure you are 100% happy with the finished layout, it is your vision and we will build it.

9) Completion and Handover

Once your home has being crafted to perfection, we will walk through with you, going over everything to make sure you are 100% happy with your new home. We will show you how everything works, explain product warranties and maintenance procedures. We will apply for Code of Compliance ( CCC ) for your new home on your behalf, which is the final sign off from Council approving your vision brought to life.  

10) Living in your completed dream home

The final thing to do is to move in and enjoy living in your dream home.

We don’t believe it should just stop here though, which is why we guarantee your new home to be defect free for 12 months.  

Should you choose to include the Halo 10-year Building Guarantee, which we highly recommend,  you will get the added benefits of:

  • An additional period of 12 months defect free - total of 2 years defect free

  • 10 year Structural Warranty 

  • Deposit protection 

  • Easier to get finance - Banks prefer to have a Building Guarantee

  • And many more

Want to know more and how we can help build your new home or complete your bespoke renovation? Contact us today and we build your vision. 

House plans
Rib Raft house foundation
Bathroom Vanity, basin, wall mirror cabient
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