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Do you want to turn your current house into your dream home?

At Build Unlimited we strive to build your vision with an exclusive finish crafted to your style. We work in close collaboration with you to complete your project. Whether it's a single room makeover, or a complete house transformation, we are there to upgrade your home.

Renovated Villa Kitchen and Lounge. Renovation Auckland
Home Extention Framing Renovation Auckland


Does your renovation require an extension or alteration? We have you covered!

Have a growing family? Need more space to work from home? Want another story to get those amazing views? There are plenty of good reasons to alter your existing home. We will achieve your vision by renovating your space in a cohesive way so that it seamlessly fits within your current home.


From transforming a showroom to renovating a retail store, we've done it all. 


We strive to provide you with superior building services to enhance your work space functionality and aesthetic. Our skilled team will work as efficiently as possible to reduce disruption to your business, while still creating a premium space you can be proud of. Get in touch with us today to discuss your light commercial renovations and fit-out projects. 

Retail Showroom Renovation. Simon James furniture store
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